Our Purpose

Our clients often say, ‘there’s something different about those Worx girls.’ We agree.

We’ve got a handshake to hug company culture. We high five and establish unique ways to bring exclusive ideas to life. It all comes down to, are you Worxable? Are we right for each other? We love working with people who have a passion: Entrepreneurs who are living it, dreaming it and staying up all night keeping it alive. Your big idea means as much to us as it does to you, which is why we create Visual Branding for Big Ideas.

As an experienced team, we’re dedicated to creating original work throughout your company’s entire growth and vision. We communicate and collaborate so we can build trusting and successful relationships with results.

If you want your business to be in the now you have to be in the know:

Through your passion and our expertise we will create a brand experience that stands for who you are and why it matters. Our brains are hardwired to notice what is different about you, your company and your style of service. Authenticity is our policy: The difference between a brand and a business is Worx.

We’re comprehensive brand experts. We hear you so others can see you. We won’t meet you halfway; we will meet you all the way, all the time.

The design firm that looks out for your future,

The Worx Girls

What we Do


A brand is not just a logo, it's an experience.

S.W.O.T. Analysis
Logo Development
Style Guide
Business Card
Promotional Materials


An online presence is a vital part of your brand.



You know where you want your brand to be. We can help you get there.

Marketing Strategy
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Ad Campaigns
Social Media
Blog Setup


Videos help your audience have a greater understanding of your product or service.


How We Work


If you are someone with a big bold idea and the true grit to make it happen, we want to talk to you. To develop the best possible solution, we need to know what makes you tick. The first step in our process is to connect with you to learn about your company, determine your creative needs and come up with a plan of action.


Consider your investment. We're a small studio with low overhead costs, which would be reflected in your investment. We have set pricing, so we won't nickel and dime you. No surprises. If something will cost more, we will ask you before moving forward. To seal the deal, we ask for a 50% deposit up front to cover our costs. We will never begin a project without your consent.


Before we start designing, we do our homework. We develop a plan for the best possible solution and how we are going to get there.The next action is to create some concepts for you to review. If you love it, tell us! If not, you won't hurt our feelings. The process will continue until we achieve the desired result.


You fall in love with the marvelous solution we have created together. Once a project is approved, it is time to deliver the goods. We can take care of getting them printed, put on a CD, emailed, or uploaded to the web. We can ship your product directly to you or deliver it ourselves (if you are local). If you live in Palm Springs, let's talk.

We Love

Helping someone is a great way to feel warm and fuzzy inside. What could be better than that? Acts of kindness are proven to benefit your health and well-being in addition to helping another person. Our community gives us so much, and the right thing to do is pay it forward.

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While we are not currently looking for new talent, we always keep your resume and portfolio on file.


A brand is not just a logo:

it is not your business card, it is not the sign in front of your establishment or even your website. So, what the heck is it? Let’s rewind and break it down so you can discover and start building your brand.


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